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Innovative Data Solutions (Pvt) Limited (IDS) proudly presents the successor to intraSERV the flagship product centraSERV, a centralized and Cloud based platform for the Indian market. Currently, over 100 hotels in India are using intraSERV, which IDS plans to migrate to centraSERV, throughout the year.

The winning combination

Key advantages of centraSERV

Its developed on the colud platform

Require minimum hardware at the site

Which will be limited to a suitable AAA gateway such as Nomadix

Convenient and efficient

Site mangement by accessing centraSERV on the cloud

High flexibility and ability to integrate

With Central Reservation systems (CRS), Customer Relationship Management Systems (CRM) , SMS Gateways etc.

How can centraSERV and its applications help you

With the introduction of centraSERV, IDS will be able to offer a complete suite of applications for the Guests as well as the Hospitality Service Providers (HSP), Hotel Management / IT Staff and Systems Integrators (SI) as follows.

Hotel Guests

Hotel Guests could use centraSERV platform to reserve a room of their preferred hotel using an APP and they will be connected to the hotel Internet as soon as they arrive at the hotel and check-in. The access to hotel Internet will be without any authentication as the APP will connect the Guests securely to the Internet with the secure access code stored in the APP.

While at the hotel, the Guests will be able to access all other services such as Room Service, Concierge, Reservations at Restaurants and Room Control, all with the same APP.

Hotel Management

Management of hotels and chains will be able to reduce cost of hardware deployed at the hotel as the required hardware will be limited to a AAA Gateway such as Nomadix. As centraSERV will be Cloud hosted, the Hotel Management will be able to integrate Central Reservation Systems (CRS) and Customer Relationship Management (CRM) systems etc., to provide their Guests with services from Room Reservation to Room Control using a single APP.

They could also obtain data from centraSERV to carry out analytics for defining services and facilities based on Guest preferences. They will also be able to push advertisements and promotions to their Guests based on the gender, preferences and other socio economic indicators of a particular Guest for affective marketing of their services.

Hospitality Service Providers (HSP)

With centraSERV, HSPs will be able to minimize the cost of hardware deployed at their sites and limit them to a AAA Gateway such as Nomadix. As centraSERV will be Cloud hosted, the HSP will be able to manage all sites by accessing one platform from anywhere and anytime and thereby reduce the cost of support infrastructure as well as increase efficiency and service levels.

They will also be able to optimize the use of bandwidth at each site and reduce cost of operations. Additionally, they will be able provide value added services to their Customers by analyzing the data and producing reports and predictions.

Systems Integrators (SI)

Systems Integrators will be able to deploy hospitality networks and systems fast and efficiently as the hardware deployed at their sites will be limited to a AAA Gateway such as Nomadix. As centraSERV will be Cloud hosted, the SIs will be able to integrate their Cloud hosted WiFi Lan Controllers with centraSERV to detect network issues even before their Customer call them and resolve them efficiently.

They will also be able to provide additional services such as data management for their Customers and increase their income by providing value-added services.

Join our complementery introductory event

If you fall into one of the below categories register with us to reserve your free seat at the introductory seminar on CentraSERV with nomadix USA

Who is it for?

Hotels and Chains

Director - IT
General Manager
Finance Manager
IT Manager
  1. Understand as to how centraSERV+Nomadix could help your business to save money by enhancing Guest satisfaction.
  2. Know how to generate income from broadband to recover cost of deployment
  3. Experience hands-on features such as Guest Authentication without a Password, Express Check-in and ability to implement key-less entry to Rooms

Hospitality Service Providers

Director / Owner
General Manager
IT Manager
  1. Understand as to how centraSERV+Nomadix could help you to reduce cost of deployment by minimizing the hardware needed
  2. Learn how to optimize the bandwidth provided to the site by using robust bandwidth management features of Nomadix and save money
  3. Learn how to reduce cost of support service by using centraSERV on the Cloud
  4. Generate additional revenue streams by deploying value-added services such as data analytics, advertisements and on-line marketing

Systems Integrators

Director / Owner
General Manager
IT Manager
  1. Understand as to how centraSERV+Nomadix could help your business by reducing the deployment cost and time by over 75%
  2. Create more business by offering a cost effective and reliable solution to your Customers by using centraSERV+Nomadix.
  3. Know how to generate more income by providing Managed Services in addition to proving the network infrastructure

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